What a bunch of dirtbags UCE Protect is, don’t use them ever as a blacklist provider and let them fade away. http://www.uceprotect.net/en/ Here’s the scam they have, and yes it is a scam, they try to explain how it’s not a scam on their site… guess what… not true.

I run mail servers for a few legitimate companies. What happened was that an employee brought their personal computer and plugged it into our network. This computer was infected with a botnet or some sort of email sending virus. I fixed the problem by removing the computer from the network, then proceeded to submit and remove the client IP from multiple blacklists that we were legitimately listed on using debouncer Every one of these sites (11 of them) removed my company within an hour to a day which is an acceptable amount of time. These dirtbags at UCEPROTECT will make you pay $108 to remove you from the list or else you HAVE TO WAIT 7 DAYS. In terms of not being able to send email to companies because of one infraction over the course of 15 years, this is an eternity. This is not only unacceptable, but they’re the only blacklist that I see that uses this scumbag tactic. Of course I will not pay this, let’s call it what it is, ransom. Luckily our major clients and vendors don’t use this list so its not a huge problem.

Just wanted to put an alarm out there to not use them as a blacklist because of these scumbag practices. I could see this type of tactic if you repeatedly get on their list, but 7 days for a one time infraction is flat out ridiculous and shady.