To help anyone who runs into this problem. I just purchased an Acer Aspire 5552-7474.  I booted up the laptop and everything worked OK. Then after a little while the trackpad started to act screwy.  I tried reinstalling 5 versions of different drivers for the elantech touchpad. I then installed the PS/2 driver and that helped a little but it still didn’t work great (accuracy and responsiveness was off)

I tried a factory reset,  then tried different drivers again, nothing resolved the problem.   I then called up Acer to figure out what the problem was.  They had me reinstall the drivers and do a factory reset.   I called Acer back with the same problem and then figured it out. After  I typed the support ID number from the bottom of the laptop, I noticed that the mouse was working flawlessly.   The problem was that when I had the power plugged into the laptop the trackpad was jerky/jumpy. For instance, if I just held my finger on the trackpad without moving it, the cursor would bounce all around in a 1/2″ radius, and it would do so when trying to  click on a link, however when the power adapter was unplugged the touchpad worked find. Doing this several times reproduced/fixed the problem.  I called up Acer and they said that I need to do a repair on the laptop.  Luckily I purchased the laptop from and since I still had the original boxing, they were able to do a replacement for me. The problem is that newegg determined it to be functioning fine, so they send it to me with the same problem and again I return it for a replacement.

So Guess what happened? I order a similar Acer laptop, from, same Elan touchpad and the same thing happened.  So I returned it, no problem whatsover, I’ll never buy an Acer again.  Found a really good deal around christmas on a samsung and I haven’t had a problem yet.

I hope this saves someone the time of trying to figure out what is going on.