That was a nice win (not great) by the Giants.  They finally played a mistake free game and put themselves in a position to win.   The defense really stepped up in the second half, and especially in that last drive by the Jaguars.  It wasn’t pretty, and Jackonsville and Garrard are not the Chargers and Rivers, but a win is a win.  We got really lucky with that Hagan over-turned call, which if you look at it, might have been the difference in the game since we got a field goal instead of a turnover.  Had the Jaguars been down by 1, instead of 4 at the end of the game, they may have been in a position to kick a field goal, but sometimes the ball and the calls roll your way.  Eli was also good in the 2nd half, even though his inexperienced receivers appeared to run to the wrong spot on the field.  Kevin Boss was the key to the game though, making big plays to put Big Blue in the endzone.  Good job gmen.  Lets keep the ball rollin.