I started this blog because I am a System/Network Administrator, and I’ve always pulled plenty of information on solving IT problems off of the web for the past 10 years from nice people who were generous enough to share their problems and solutions online, and also provided a forum for discussion. Aside from answering a usenet post here and there, commenting on someone else’s blog, or sharing information with IT consultants I work directly with, I felt like I haven’t shared enough of my experiences online where anyone could access them and ask questions.

Hopefully, I can give back by popping up in a fellow admin’s search when quickly trying to solve a problem with several impatient people breathing down their necks, or just to make someone’s life easier when trying to tackle an IT problem.

So, this is it, I hope I can help some “IT guys” out, and learn a few things myself.  I’ll try to post on a wide variety of topics that I encounter in my daily endeavors. Who knows, maybe I’ll throw a post about the Mets or Giants on here too when I’m frustrated by how bad they suck. We’ll see how much time I have.  Thanks for reading, hope I can provide some help. -Vincent.